How to compose your nursery?

Choice of santons and accessories

To compose a nursery , it is useful to have santons of different sizes as well as smaller and smaller houses to give an appearance of depth and finish, from preferably, by a very small mill perched on the hill, which allows to obtain a perspective.

It's very important that the whole family participates and that children, no matter how young, can add their personal notes.

The nursery decor

To decorate your nursery , it is necessary to arrange the elements distantly by composing a hillside: for this, old books can build a stable frame, covered with rock paper, with a little foam. Trace the paths with sand or preferably soil to remove the base so that one sees only their feet on the paths, which also makes it possible to hold the santons.

Add a few stones of different sizes to represent the rocks, some sprigs of thyme as olive trees, then other branches to represent other trees. You can add a hill drawing in the background to complete the landscaped perspective.

Tips for composing the crib

Set up your nursery , little by little, in groups of santons with their corresponding elements, for example: the bridge with the fisherman , the water carrier with the well , the farmers with their animals in front their farms.

A nursery is built over several generations ... and every year is a renewal. The nursery is an essential element for the Christmas party in Provence.

Text extract of Mireille Fouque